Our School

At Mountain View Elementary School, we serve approximately 650 kindergarten through fourth-grade students. Our school radiates positivity, where students learn the value of being part of and contributing to the community. Students and staff make great choices at MVE not only because it’s the expectation but because it’s fun!

Our Values—The House System

We value Wisdom, Courage, Friendship, Kindness, and Dreams.

To help our student body learn, practice, and internalize our values, they can earn points for their houses by demonstrating positive behaviors. Learn more about the magic that happens at Mountain View on our Programs page.

Eagle Feathers

Students love to earn their Eagle feathers. When teachers and staff members see the amazing things they do daily on our campus, they generously award the student with an eagle feather. Here are some of the student behaviors that merit an eagle feather:

  • Make eye contact and respond appropriately.
  • Respect others’ comments, opinions, and ideas.
  • Use your manners.
  • Keep yourself and our campus clean and germ-free.
  • Help those in need.
  • Keep transitions in and between classes swift, quiet, and orderly. Move with a purpose.
  • Use kind words. Apologize and mean it.
  • Let an adult know if anyone is being bullied.
  • Make good choices even when no one is looking.
  • Always be honest, no matter the circumstances.

Just as an eagle uses its feathers to fly, our students earn their feathers to learn, grow, and soar!

Five Stars!

We know you want your children to become courteous and responsible citizens, but it can be difficult to find enough time to teach everything you want to in your home. So, at Mountain View Elementary, we create opportunities for students to learn the meaning of being accountable for creating and being part of a positive, respectful community. Through our house system, we’ve created a way to teach exceptional, conscientious community involvement and respect. As a result, MVE is a Nevada state five-star school! And since earning this distinction once isn’t enough for our hard-working, dedicated students and staff, we’ve earned it three years in a row.